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Collage of spurge plants & bugs against backdrop of a hill covered with pine trees and leafy spurge.

The purpose of this page is to provide public and private land managers a source of pictures and information that can easily be used in presentations, or for enhanced information about leafy spurge and biological control agents. This page is an online adaptation of the CD produced by R.D. Richard, Lana King, and Harold Ziolkowski of USDA-APHIS PPQ, Bozeman, Montana in conjunction with USDA-ARS TEAM Leafy Spurge Areawide Demonstration Project.

Contained in these pages are three different resources. The first is an extensive collection of images. It includes images of the biological control agents, leafy spurge, infestation sites, and research and distribution aids. The second resource is a collection of profiles for each of the biological control agents and for leafy spurge. These profiles, in pdf format, contain in-depth scientific, distribution and impact information. And finally, several posters covering different aspects of leafy spurge management are also included.

Note on downloading: There are two ways to download files: individually, or grouped by subject. The grouped files are in self extracting zip files (.exe). To access these files, just double click on the downloaded file and follow the directions. If you are running an operating system other than Windows (NT, 95 or later) you will not be able to extract these files.

Note on file size: Pictures are available in two different file sizes. Users needing high quality photographs (such as for posters or publications) will want to download the larger file size pictures (around 300KB). Users who may not need high quality images (such as for websites, PowerPoint presentations, or casual viewing) should view and download the smaller file size pictures (around 12KB). The large files will have much longer download times, depending on your connection. If you will be needing several of the high end pictures you might want to get the CD (see Contact info below).

Note on viewing graphics: You can view the downloaded graphics using any graphics program. However, the easiest way is to download Irfanview. This program, which was included with the CD, allows you to quickly browse, view, and save images.

To quickly browse through pictures using Irfanview:

  1. First download (630KB) and install Irfanview.
  2. From within Irfanview go to the File menu and select Thumbnails; another window will pop up.
  3. In the new window press the Browse button and select the directory where you saved your images while downloading; then press ok.
  4. Irfanview will open up thumbnails of each image from the directory. Double click on any thumbnail to view it in the main Irfanview window.

CD Holders!: Get the Spurgia esulae pictures which didn't make the CD.

Before you enter the gallery be sure to read all the information above.

Enter the Gallery

Anyone interested in obtaining the actual CD should contact TEAM Leafy Spurge by e-mailing a request to teamls@sidney.ars.usda.gov, or by writing to TEAM Leafy Spurge, USDA-ARS NPARL, 1500 N. Central Ave., Sidney, MT 59270.

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