Purge Spurge:
Leafy Spurge Database Version 4.0

CD cover Evaluation copies of the latest version of the award-winning "Purge Spurge: Leafy Spurge Database" CD-ROM were distributed at TEAM Leafy Spurge's "Spurgefest II" event held in Medora, North Dakota in June 2001. Currently undergoing final revisions, "Purge Spurge Version 4.0" will be complete and ready for widespread distribution in late August 2001.

The original CD, last published in 1995, featured more than 400 research reports, abstracts, bulletins, conference proceedings and other articles, photos, maps and illustrations on leafy spurge and its management. It earned a Federal Technology Leadership Award as well as enthusiastic accolades from its many users on the frontlines of the battle against this pervasive noxious weed.

More than 800 documents are included in this newest version of "Purge Spurge" along with an extended bibliography listing hundreds more. The CD also includes a complete collection of Leafy Spurge Symposium abstracts and proceedings beginning with the meeting's inception in 1979 through 2001, along with numerous photos, maps, tables and more.

The new version uses Adobe Acrobat's portable document format for easy printing and better handling of tables and graphics. The CD is both Mac and PC compatible and is fully searchable. Ultimately, TEAM Leafy Spurge plans to place the information from the CD on this web site, ensuring even broader access for those most in need of it, the landowners and managers combating this pernicious weed.

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