Cover page title: Multi-Species Grazing and Leafy Spurge Manual
A comprehensive, easy-to-read manual on using multi-species grazing as an effective leafy spurge management tool.

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If you’re interested in using sheep to manage leafy spurge, TEAM Leafy Spurge has a must-read manual that will likely answer most of your questions. "Multi-Species Grazing and Leafy Spurge" is a full-color, 28-page how-to handbook that focuses on multi-species grazing as a tool to manage leafy spurge, improve range health and productivity, and potentially add a profitable enterprise to existing ranch operations.

The manual covers all of the basics. Topics include how multi-species grazing works, what can be expected from multi-species grazing programs, diet selection, stocking rates, fencing requirements, predation and more. The manual also features an extensive section on economics.

"Multi-Species Grazing and Leafy Spurge" was published by the USDA-ARS TEAM Leafy Spurge area-wide integrated pest management program. TEAM Leafy Spurge is headquartered at the USDA-Agricultural Research Service Northern Plains Agricultural Laboratory in Sidney, Montana, and managed in conjunction with the USDA-Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service.

Anyone interested in obtaining multiple copies of the manual for distribution at field days or similar activities should contact TEAM Leafy Spurge by e-mailing a request to, or by writing to TEAM Leafy Spurge, USDA-ARS NPARL, 1500 N. Central Ave., Sidney MT 59270.

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