cover page title: Multi-Species Brazing and Leafy Spurge Manual
A comprehensive, easy-to-read manual on using multi-species grazing as an effective leafy spurge management tool.

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At this point, it should be obvious that TEAM Leafy Spurge believes multispecies grazing can be an important part of an effective, affordable and sustainable leafy spurge management program. It can be used as a stand-alone tool, or combined with other tools such as biological control or herbicides.

TEAM Leafy Spurge program participants have supplemented existing research with new data, then applied those findings to on-the-ground demonstrations that people can actually see. These demonstration sites clearly show that multi-species grazing and multi species grazing + biological control works, and that both approaches can be used in an economically and ecologically beneficial manner.

Keep in mind that there are no easy solutions or "silver bullets" to help solve the leafy spurge problem. Achieving significant control won’t be as easy as throwing a few sheep or flea beetles at the problem and expecting it to go away. Solving the problem will take time, work and a longterm commitment.

As always, prevention is the best solution for avoiding problems with leafy spurge and other invasive weeds. Prevention, combined with hard work and persistence, will help return your range lands to a more productive, natural state.

It is also important to recognize the benefits of WORKING TOGETHER. The war against leafy spurge and other noxious weeds will not be won individually – it will take a collaborative, integrated and areawide approach to ultimately solve a costly problem that is shared by all.

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