cover page title: Multi-Species Brazing and Leafy Spurge Manual
A comprehensive, easy-to-read manual on using multi-species grazing as an effective leafy spurge management tool.

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TEAM Leafy Spurge

TEAM Leafy Spurge Logo: Working Together to Purge Spurge

The "TEAM"

TEAM Leafy Spurge is a USDA-Agricultural Research Service research and demonstration program focused on the Little Missouri River drainage in Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas, and other spurge-infested drainages in the region. Its goal is to research, develop and demonstrate ecologically based Integrated Pest Management strategies that can be used to achieve effective, affordable and sustainable leafy spurge control.

TEAM Leafy Spurge is built on three important concepts:

• Integrated Pest Management (IPM) - IPM combines management tools to provide more effective control than any single tool could produce. Biological control provides the foundation: Biocontrol agents like the flea beetle are used with other tools – multi-species grazing, herbicides, etc. – for effective, affordable and ecologically sustainable control. IPM offers the flexibility landowners need to devise different strategies for different situations.

• Teamwork - TEAM Lea fy Spurge hasassembled some of the nationís most experienced leafy spurge researchers into a focused, goal-oriented team. This collaboration allows participants to share expertise, data and resources to more effectively work toward a common goal. TEAM Leafy Spurge stresses that EVERYONE, from private ranchers and landowners to local, state and federal agencies, work together to solve the problem.

• Regional Approach - TE AM LeafySpurge is an area-wide program, and as such, is evaluating the leafy spurge problem on a regional rather than a local, or place-by-place, basis.


TEAM Leafy Spurge is funded by the USDA-ARS and managed in conjunction with the USDA-APHIS. Other TEAM members include the U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureaus of Land Management and Reclamation, U.S. Geological Service, state departments of agriculture and other state agencies, Cooperative Extension Services, land grant universities, county weed managers, ranchers and landowners.

The Approach

TEAM Leafy Spurge research and demonstration projects are designed to build on existing data and explore promising new areas of leafy spurge research. These projects cover a range of topics, including biological control, multi-species grazing, herbicides, range management, and the integration of various control tools.

TEAM Leafy Spurge demonstration sites (Sentinel Butte, N.D.; Ekalaka, Mt.; Buffalo, S.D. and Devilís Tower, Wyo.) give ranchers, landowners and land managers a firsthand look at results produced by various IPM strategies. Tours of the sites are periodically held to provide updates about new and improved management strategies.

The Bottom Line

Leafy Spurge is a formidable opponent that cannot be controlled or eliminated by any single entity or management practice – a collaborative, integrated and area-wide approach is essential to solving this costly problem. TEAM Leafy Spurge exists to promote these concepts, and to serve as a clearing house for proven management strategies.

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