Gaetano Campobasso   Gaetano Campobasso
European Biological Control Laboratory
USDA-ARS/ Rome Station, Italy
Via Colle Trugli N. 9, 00132
Rome, Italy
Bus: (39-06) 206-09-361
Bus Fax: (39-06) 207-90-86

Gaetano Campobasso
Research Entomologist
USDA/ARS/European Biological Control Location: Rome, Italy
Research Interests: My main research interests are in areas of biological control of weeds. Searching new areas in Eurasia to discover new biological control agents of leafy spurge. Testing new biological control agents by using traditional testing laboratory and field approaches. Preparing and submitting petitions of introduction and release of studied biocontrol agents. Collecting in Eurasia studied biocontrol agents. Shipping biological control agents to the US for studying or release. My main project in Europe is leafy spurge but I am also involved in a technology transfer program of several biocontrol agents associated with spotted knapweed, yellow starthistle, dalmatian toadflax, common teasel, russian thistle, field bindweed, hoary cress, and dyer's woad.
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