Timothy Faller Tim Faller
North Dakota State University -
Hettinger Research Extension Center
Box 507
Hettinger, ND  58639
Bus: (701) 567-4323
Mobile: (701) 567-3030
Bus Fax: (701) 567-4327
E-mail: tfaller@ndsuext.nodak.edu

Timothy C. Faller is a North Dakota State University Animal Scientist located at the Hettinger Research Extension Center, Hettinger North Dakota.  He also serves as a unit administrator.  He has been involved in applied sheep production research for 33 years.

Projects that he directs are contributory to regional products NC-190 and WCC-39.  Currently major projects are focused on the control of leafy spurge by utilizing multi-species grazing systems, lean lamb breeding and seasonal sheep breeding.  He is chairman of the Southwest North Dakota Rural Economic Area Partnership (REAP) Zone.  The objectives of REAP are to stem out migration and new primary sector job creation.

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