R. Nelson Foster   R. Nelson Foster
Phoenix Plant Protection Center
4125 East Broadway Rd
Phoenix, Arizona 85040
Bus: (602) 437-1295 ext.225
E-mail: Nelson.R.Foster@usda.gov

R. Nelson Foster is a supervisory entomologist at the USDA, APHIS, PPQ, Phoenix Arizona Plant Protection Center. In 1973 he joined APHIS and until 1977 conducted research exclusively to support control and suppression efforts for pink bollworm. In 1979 he assumed the leadership role for rangeland research in APHIS. In 1996 his responsibilities were expanded to include activities to support eradication of boll weevil.

He has published over 50 articles in areas that impact on management of pink boll worm, boll weevil, grasshoppers, Mormon cricket and black grass bugs, with additional work impacting on range caterpillar. His research has been broad-based and he is known for his concern for research results that are feasible for direct implementation.

Executive Summary   2000 Annual Report

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