Roger Sheley Roger Sheley
Montana State University
Dept. Plant Soils and Environmental Sciences
Bozeman, MT.  59717
Bus: (406) 994-5686
Home: (406) 585-9147
Mobile: (406) 581-5203
Bus Fax: (406) 994-3933

Roger L. Sheley
MSU Extension Service Noxious Weed Specialist

PhD. 1993, Oregon State University; M.S. 1981, B.S. 1978, Washington State University.

Developing educational materials for county agents and other clientele groups with primary emphasis on noxious weeds of agricultural, grazing and public lands that complements conventional, biological and integrated weed management.  Roger's research includes developing and testing approaches to reduce the impact and spread of noxious weeds, prevention and containment techniques for new weed infestations and integrated weed management strategies that incorporate biological, chemical an dcultural practices.

Executive Summary   1999 Annual Report   2000 Annual Report

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