Leon Wrage Leon Wrage,
South Dakota State University
Box 2207A, Ag Hall
Brookings, SD  57007
Bus: (605) 688-4591
Bus Fax: (605) 688-4602
E-mail: wragel@ur.sdstate.edu

Biography Leon Wrage:
Leon Wrage is Extension Weed Specialist at South Dakota State University.  He has 30 years experience in development and delivery of educational programs for weed control in field crops and noxious weeds.  The extension program makes use of field plot comparisons of herbicide systems for noxious weeds.

TEAM Leafy Spurge projects include current and experimental herbicides; utilizing reduced rates in an integrated system to increase economic utility and reduce environmental risks.

Also Assisting:
Darrell Deneke
Darrell Deneke Darrell Deneke is Extension Integrated Pest Management Specialist at South Dakota State University.  Darrel has first-hand experience with South Dakota noxious weed control; has served as extension agent before joining the Plant Science Department three years ago. 

His program involved county educator training and program assistance on current pest issues.  Darrell has major duties in the extension weed programs and is involved in planning and implementing TEAM Leafy Spurge weed projects.

Ken Nelson (no photo)
Ken Nelson is Extension Educator in Harding County, South Dakota.  Ken has served in Extension for 15 years.  His agriculture program includes livestock and range.

Ken works closely with the County Weed and Pest Board on noxious weed issues. The county has a very active weed board and the county weed and pest supervisor. The program includes coordinated effort with ranches and agencies. Ken coordinates TEAM Leafy Spurge weed control activities in the county.

Sharon Clay
Sharon Clay Sharon Clay is a Professor in the Plant Science Department at South Dakota State University.  Dr. Clay’s appointment is for weed science research and teaching graduate and undergraduate weed science courses.  Sharon also advises graduate students.  Research emphases includes weed seed bank, environmental aspects of herbicides, and she has completed projects on biological control of leafy spurge.

TEAM Leafy Spurge projects include evaluation of the effect of reduced input herbicide on leafy spurge carbohydrate reserves and subsequent control.

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