October 30, 2002

TEAM Leafy Spurge Introduces Grazing CD

TEAM Leafy Spurge (TLS) announces its newest release, the Multi-species Grazing and Leafy Spurge informational resource CD. Using sheep as a management tool is a proven management option for controlling leafy spurge and this resource includes the “how-to” information every rancher needs to include multi-species grazing as a component in their weed management program.

Second in TLS’s integrated pest management resource series pairing “how-to” manuals and informational CDs, the Multi-species Grazing and Leafy Spurge CD includes an electronic version of its companion manual, a photo gallery, a narrated PowerPoint presentation, an extended bibliography, TEAM Leafy Spurge posters, publications and other resources.

This most recent CD also incorporates thirteen in-depth reports from North Dakota State University’s Department of Agricultural Economics. TEAM Leafy Spurge – a U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service area-wide integrated pest management program – commissioned many of these reports, which focus on leafy spurge, grazing management, economic concerns, and land manager perceptions.

Multi-species grazing can be used alone or integrated with other techniques for a more well-rounded, efficient control program. Gerry Anderson, TEAM Leafy Spurge’s director, noted: “Multi-species grazing or sheep grazing must be considered as an option for leafy spurge control and this product aids the land manager in evaluating and planning a multi-species grazing control program. The multi-species grazing CD is as valuable in its own right as the Biological Control of Leafy Spurge CD.” The latter was the first CD issued in the IPM series, with more than 42,000 distributed to date.

This latest CD is now available for distribution. Its partner manual was first published in June 2001, with ten thousand manuals distributed the first year. The third set in the IPM series will focus on herbicide control of leafy spurge. That how-to manual is currently in press and will be available in mid-November.

The Multi-species Grazing and Leafy Spurge CD and other components of the integrated pest management series, along with additional TEAM Leafy Spurge informational products, are available by contacting USDA-ARS Northern Plains Agricultural Research Laboratory, 1500 North Central Ave., Sidney, MT 59270; phone 406/433-2020; fax 406/433-5038. Some products are also available on the Internet at www.team.ars.usda.gov and all can be ordered by emailing teamls@sidney.ars.usda.gov.

Funded by the USDA-ARS and managed cooperatively with the USDA-Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, TEAM Leafy Spurge explores biologically based IPM strategies and stresses partnerships, teamwork and a cooperative approach to solving the leafy spurge problem. TEAM members include state and federal agencies, state Cooperative Extension Services, land grant universities, weed managers, county and other local entities, and private landowners and ranchers.

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