April 30, 2002

Two New CDs published by TEAM Leafy Spurge

SIDNEY – TEAM Leafy Spurge has released two new free CD-ROMs on leafy spurge management that provide information on controlling spurge by using a variety of integrated pest management approach.

The most recent release is entitled: "Biological Control of Leafy Spurge." The second CD is an updated version of the popular "Purge Spurge: Leafy Spurge Database" CD-ROM last published in 1995. Both are free and may be ordered individually or in bulk.

"Both have been popular with their audiences, with the initial 5,000 CDs nearly gone. A second run is on order," says Chad Prosser, a TEAM coordinator at USDA-ARS Northern Plains Agricultural Research Laboratory in Sidney, Mont.

"Biological Control of Leafy Spurge: Informational Resource CD" is the first release in TEAM Leafy Spurge’s new IPM Information Series on leafy spurge management. While it focuses on biological control, it and other CDs in the series are designed to be used together to help landowners and land managers develop biologically based integrated pest management plans for leafy spurge control on their rangeland.

This first CD offers a comprehensive overview of how to obtain and use biological control agents to control leafy spurge. It is intended as a companion to the "Biological Control of Leafy Spurge" manual that has been distributed to more than 40,000 individuals, organizations and agencies in 27 states and four Canadian provinces. The popular manual is included on the CD in the free Acrobat Reader format along with a "how-to" Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on biological control of spurge; a poster/publication section, a photo gallery, an extensive bibliography, and more.

The TEAM Leafy Spurge CD was produced by Steve Merritt, former TLS technical information specialist, and R. D. Richard, USDA-APHIS PPQ in Bozeman, Mont., along with the aid of NPARL staff. (Richard coauthored a leafy spurge photo gallery CD also issued by TEAM Leafy Spurge in January 2000. That product has been incorporated into this latest offering to provide end users with a convenient, single source of reference on the biological control of leafy spurge.) In addition to biological control, future CDs in the series will cover multi-species grazing for leafy spurge control, along with herbicide use.

The goal of the series is to "bring the expert to the end user," says TEAM Leafy Spurge Project Manager Gerry Anderson. That one-to-one approach is accomplished through a 20-minute, narrated, "how-to" Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, which TEAM Leafy Spurge scientists helped to develop.

The "Biological Control of Leafy Spurge" CD also features a photo gallery with more than 200 images in a variety of formats that the viewer can use in their own presentations or publications. And finally, the CD also sports additional resources such as insect profiles for 11 released biological control agents of leafy spurge; ready-to-print informational posters, a selection of numerous TEAM Leafy Spurge publications and brochures, an extensive bibliography and more.

"This CD provides the end user with all the information they need to get started with biological control,” Prosser, TEAM's project coordinator, says. "And future CDs will do the same for those interested in multi-species grazing or herbicides as part of their integrated pest management plans."

Another product recently released by TEAM Leafy Spurge is the updated "Purge Spurge: Leafy Spurge Database, Version 4.0" published in Nov. 2001. The original CD won a federal technology award for its innovative use of CD-ROM technology to incorporate more than 400 documents, photos, graphics and maps on leafy spurge control. This latest version now contains more than 900 documents, ranging from journal articles to Extension Service bulletins and symposium proceedings, all focusing on the weed, its impact and management options. Management techniques featured include biological control, chemical control, grazing and cultural practices, with an emphasis on combining two or more of these tools in an integrated pest management program for more effective leafy spurge control.

Both the "Biological Control of Leafy Spurge" and "Purge Spurge: Leafy Spurge Database, Version 4" are available from TEAM Leafy Spurge, USDA-ARS Northern Plains Agricultural Research Laboratory, 1500 North Central Avenue, Sidney, MT; phone 406-433-2020; fax 406-433-5038 or, for faster service, you may order through the TEAM Leafy Spurge website at http://www.team.ars.usda.gov .

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