March 3, 1999

TEAM Leafy Spurge Plans Spurgefest ’99
By Steve Merritt
TEAM Leafy Spurge Technology Transfer Specialist

SIDNEY, Montana — TEAM Leafy Spurge will highlight its efforts to control one of the region’s toughest noxious weeds at "Spurgefest ‘99," June 29-July 1 in Medora, N.D.

The three-day event will feature tours of TEAM Leafy Spurge research and demonstration sites, speakers, informational presentations, the annual Leafy Spurge Symposium, a biological control agent sweeping demonstration and a flea beetle giveaway.

TEAM Leafy Spurge coordinator Chad Prosser said Spurgefest is designed to increase public awareness about the region’s leafy spurge and invasive weed problem.

"It’s going to be a great opportunity to share information and focus some attention on leafy spurge in the Little Missouri River drainage," Prosser said. "It will also give us a chance to show people what TEAM Leafy Spurge is doing and tell them about the partnerships we’ve created to help solve the problem."

Although many of the details are still being worked out, Prosser said Spurgefest will be a "major event." Several nationally prominent dignitaries and VIPs are expected to attend, and he hopes the event will help draw attention to the leafy spurge/invasive weed problem.

"People in the region, especially those involved with agriculture, generally understand the problems and costs associated with leafy spurge and other invasive weeds," he said. "But the impact goes far beyond agriculture. We’re hoping Spurgefest will help show other people, people not directly involved with agriculture, how leafy spurge and other invasive weeds affect them."

Spurgefest sponsors will also be teaming up to collect and distribute nine million leafy spurge flea beetles to ranchers, landowners and land managers.

Prosser had one word of caution for those who plan to attend Spurgefest and/or the Leafy Spurge Symposium.

"If you plan on attending, you’ll want to make hotel or motel reservations as soon as possible," he said. "Summer is a pretty busy time for Medora and Spurgefest will make it even busier, so plan ahead to make sure you have a room."

Phone numbers for hotels and motels in Medora and the surrounding area are listed at the bottom of this article.

Additional information on Spurgefest ‘99 will be publicized as details are finalized, and can also be obtained by visiting the TEAM Leafy Spurge website at

Spurgefest ‘99 is sponsored by the USDA-ARS, USDA-APHIS, the National Park Service, the U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management and the North Dakota Department of Agriculture.

TEAM Leafy Spurge is a five-year research and demonstration project funded by the USDA-ARS and conducted cooperatively with the USDA-APHIS. Its goal is to research, develop and demonstrate ecologically based Integrated Pest Management strategies that ranchers, landowners and land managers can use to achieve effective, affordable leafy spurge control.

For more information on Spurgefest or TEAM Leafy Spurge, call Prosser at 406-433-9403 ( or Steve Merritt at 406-433-9440 ( For more information on the Leafy Spurge Symposium, call Don Kirby at 701-231-8386 ( or Rod Lym at 701-231-8996 (

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Hotels & Motels in the Medora Area


American Inn & Suites - 1-800-634-3444

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Medora Motel - 1-800-633-6721

Rough Riders Motel - 1-800-633-6721

Sully Inn - 1-701-623-4455

Belfield (15 miles east of Medora)

Belv-Vu Motel - 1-701-575-4245

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Beach (25 miles west of medora)

Buckboard Inn - 1-701-872-4794

Westgate Motel - 1-701-872-4521

Dickinson (36 miles east of Medora)

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