TEAM Project Area: Research & Demonstration Sites
TEAM study sites, Little Missouri River Drainage: Sentinnel Butte/Medora, ND - Ekalaka, MT - Buffalo, SD - Devil's Tower, Wyoming TEAM Leafy Spurge is unique in its focus on an entire region, and there couldn’t have been a better region for the program. The Little Missouri River drainage offers a variety of habitats and land uses, with a good mix of private, state and federal land ownership.

This combination of land types, uses and ownership gives TEAM Leafy Spurge members an opportunity to research and demonstrate Integrated Pest Management strategies in a variety of situations. It also allows TEAM Leafy Spurge to create and capitalize on partnerships between private and public entities.

In short, the Little Missouri River drainage provides the perfect "lab" for TEAM members to work toward effective, affordable leafy spurge control.

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