1999 Annual Reports
"Assessing Biological Control Agents for Area-Wide Integrated Pest Management (IPM) of Leafy Spurge with Foci in Montana and South Dakota" (Jack Butler)

"Management Approach for Leafy Spurge Control" (Andy Canham)

"Leafy Spurge Grazing Demonstration Study" (Tim Faller)

"Develop GIS Database and Technology Transfer Programs for TLS Project Area" (Steve Hager)

"TEAM Leafy Spurge Demonstration Assessment, Medora N.D." (Jim Jacobs)

"Effects on Nesting of Grassland Birds Due to Leafy Spurge Infestation" (Doug Johnson)

"Assessment Project - Wyoming Component" (David Kazmer)

"Ecological Assessment of Leafy Spurge in the Little Missouri River Drainage" (Don Kirby)

"Grazing Research & Demonstration -- Maus Study Site, Sentinel Butte, ND & South Fork of Moreau River Site in SD" (Scott Kronberg)

"Socio-Economic Effects Component of TLS Project" (Larry Leistritz)

"Demonstration of the Integration of Herbicides with Aphthona spp. Flea Beetles for Leafy Spurge Control" (Rod Lym)

"Demonstration of Leafy Spurge Control with Herbicides" (Rod Lym)

"Ecological Barriers for the Establishment and Population Increase of Flea Beetles on Leafy Spurge" (Bob Nowierski)

"The Utilization of Oberea erythrocephala as an Additional Bio-Control Agent on Leafy Spurge in the Little Missouri River Basin" (Denise Olson)

"An Ecologically Based Decision Support System for Managing Leafy Spurge (Euphorbia esula) Infested Rangeland" (Roger Sheley)

"Integrating Current and Emerging Herbicide Technologies in Leafy Spurge Control Programs" (Leon Wrage)

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