Leafy Spurge Symposium
Gillette, Wyoming; July 7-9, 1997

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The 1997 Great Plains Agricultural Council Leafy Spurge Task Force Symposium was held July 7-9 at the Holiday Inn in Gillette, Wyoming. The Symposium was attended by approximately 40 scientists, weed district supervisors, land managers and others from the private and public sectors. The Leafy Spurge Symposium is an opportunity for interested people to assemble, listen, and discuss current scientific information concerning leafy spurge.

The primary purpose of the Leafy Spurge Symposium is for scientists working with leafy spurge to discuss and critique their research findings so that continual progress is made toward improving our understanding of this troublesome plant. It is hoped that others working on the control of leafy spurge will take the research information presented and incorporate it into their weed management practices and systems.

The 1998 GPAC Leafy Spurge Task, Force Symposium will be held July 21-23 at the Sheraton in Colorado Springs, CO. For information concerning the 1998 meeting, contact Dr. K. George Beck, President, GPAC Leafy Spurge Task Force 1998, 116 Weed Research Lab, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, Colorado 80523, (970) 491-7568.

Those interested in receiving the "Leafy Spurge News", a newsletter dealing with leafy spurge, or if you have information for the "Leafy Spurge News" contact:

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Mark A. Ferrell
President, GPAC Leafy Spurge Task Force, 1997
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