Leafy Spurge Symposium Business Meeting Minutes - 1997

The 1997 Leafy Spurge Symposium business meeting was called to order at approximately 4:30 pm. by Mark Ferrell. The cause of the low attendance at the 1997 symposium was asked. Some felt low attendance was because of the meeting date being earlier than in the past. The USDA-ARS scientists that normally attend the Symposium were at the Superintendent's selection at Sidney, MT while many biocontrol researchers were in the field because of insect collections. It was suggested that future meetings be held at a later date - perhaps the third or fourth week of July. It also was suggested that holding the Symposium in conjunction with other meetings may improve attendance. Bob Masters suggested that the Leafy Spurge Symposium group team up with "TEAM Leafy Spurge" that was formed last summer to create demonstration projects that show how leafy spurge can be managed through integrated methods. There was further discussion that perhaps the Symposium in 2000 could be held in Rapid City, SD. This city would be close to the TEAM Leafy Spurge demonstration projects which are to be operated along the Little Missouri River drainage and having the Symposium at this location would be a good opportunity for a field tour. It was suggested that the 1999 Symposium return to Bozeman, MT and be held in conjunction with the International Biocontrol Conference being held in Bozeman next summer. The 1998 Symposium will be held in Colorado. Rod Lym suggested that we meet the third or fourth week of July and in a location that is easy and inexpensive to get to. George Beck will organize the 1998 Symposium and is looking into sites at Colorado Springs and Estes Park. The business meeting adjourned at approximately 5:15 p.m.

K. George Beck
President, GPAC Leafy Spurge Task Force, 1998

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