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Herbicide Control of Leafy Spurge manual coverTEAM Leafy Spurge IPM Manual:

Herbicide Control of Leafy Spurge

by Rod Lym, Chad Prosser, Celestine Duncan, Dan Bangsund and Gerry Anderson

In November 2002, TEAM Leafy Spurge announced publication of its third “how-to” manual on leafy spurge management, entitled “Herbicide Control of Leafy Spurge.” The latest manual to be published in TEAM Leafy Spurge’s integrated pest management series on leafy spurge, the 40-page “Herbicide Control of Leafy Spurge” can aid producers in evaluating and selecting a herbicide management plan tailored to their needs. The manual is easy to read and its small size is practical and convenient in the field.

The herbicide control manual covers the basics, including a leafy spurge summary, herbicide overviews, sprayer calibration, the economics of herbicide use, and useful integrated pest management strategies incorporating herbicides with other control tools. A unique feature of this manual is an informational chart listing common leafy spurge herbicides, their application rates, time of application, potential level of control and precautions for their use.

Developed by TEAM Leafy Spurge, the manual was authored by leafy spurge herbicide expert, Dr. Rod Lym of North Dakota State University-Fargo and coauthored by Dr. Chad Prosser of Theodore Roosevelt National Park-Medora, ND; Celestine Duncan of Weed Management Services-Helena, MT; Dr. Dean Bangsund of North Dakota State University Department of Agricultural Economics-Fargo; and Dr. Gerry Anderson, Northern Plains Agricultural Research Laboratory, Sidney, MT.

If you are interested in obtaining copies of the "Herbicide Control of Leafy Spurge" manual you may contact TEAM Leafy Spurge by e-mailing a request to teamls[at], (please replace [at] with @ when sending an e-mail) or by writing to TEAM Leafy Spurge, USDA-ARS NPARL, 1500 N. Central Ave., Sidney MT 59270.

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